Pelvic Floor

Men's Health - What is it?

Pelvic health is an important aspect of a healthy body, and there have been lots of traction gained with women's health and pregnancy, which is fantastic, but what about men?  An internet search of your area will undoubtedly show multiple options for Women's health, a reflection of the fact that not only are more people offering services, but more women are seeking help.  However, not many searches turn up options for Men's health. Why is this you ask, well there may be stigma associated with men seeking help for pelvic floor issues, as well as there is not a lot of awareness that it’s EVEN an issue. 

Not long ago (15 years or so) a family member of mine was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had their prostate removed; overall a great success, no more cancer, and they are still alive and healthy.  While their surgeon certainly informed them about the risks of bladder dysfunction, it was more about preparing for the inevitable; not once did that family member ever receive information about how to improve their pelvic health and ACTUALLY TAKE CONTROL.

There has been a lot more literature on the subject in the last 5 or so years, and more practitioners are branching out into this area, and more awareness is being raised, that indeed men have a pelvic floor, and no, it is not always going to function properly.

The pelvic floor is a very important part of our complex muscular system, and while its main function is bladder/bowel control and sexual function, its dysfunction can be implicated in low back pain, hip and groin pain, sexual dysfunction and pain, and bladder/bowel control issues.

I believe that every man who has surgery related to the prostate should see a men's health physiotherapist before hand to assess pelvic floor function and afterwards to rehabilitate.  If you have not had any prostate-related issues, but do have pain in/around the groin and you also have low back pain or hip pain, it may be worth seeing a men's health physiotherapist. If this sounds like you, please don't hesitate to call us to book an appointment, as the possible positive impact far outweighs any stigma or embarrassment .